Update: Wurfy

Was sent a quick message from Cameron Wurf this morning after the start to the Giro Cycling Event. The opening TT has Wiggins on top with Evans 3rd, plus Wurfy coming in 64th and I would assume he would be happy to be there and ready to work for his team.

When I got his message and after a phone chat the other night I found myself reflecting on our training camp back in Hobart at the beginning of the year. He has prepared well and I love hearing about his experience. The maturity and professionalism he is now bringing to his performances is great to see.

The link below is the cycling news update


Looking forward to the weeks ahead and seeing how he can have an impact. We will be having a night at one of our Podium Bike Hub Store with our staff and staff from Fosters for a VIP night and we will enjoy reliving a stage on the night plus being able to provide some insights from Wurfy in his first grand tour race will be very cool.


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