Taken Back

Not sure why a friend sent this through. I guess something about taking me back. Actually I know why and it has to do with growing support from some friends to have a crack at rowing again. That's not to say family and friends don't have concerns about my back, but I think after a few conversations there has been some excitement about the prospect of getting back in to rowing. So I think the message with this video was a reminder of days gone by and sent to stimulate and stir something within me. Not hard to do really as I do feel I still have a great deal to offer and certainly feel I have the capacity to perform better than ever before. Thought it worth sharing as it did trigger a few things and to be honest I have been spend some time over the last 3 months considering how I would go from point A to point B. How I might go from where I am now. Very unfit and out of the state to building and developing full capacity again. To go from observing, sharing and engaging with others to possibly combining all the recent work with the opportunity to take on the challenge of rowing a boat extremely fast again. So here is the little video and not only did great memories come up, but the reminder of the year that came after it with missing the Sydney Games with my first major back injury. So I am not considering rowing based on some illusion of it all being easy and perfect. I am how ever considering it, based on the reality of what it takes and the impact it has. This is just the tip of the ice berg when you see a performance and it needs to be understood how much time, energy, effort, joy and pain is involved.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. The experience of being in that position in the race and the memories of the amazing build up with James and Noel our coach. The season was as close to perfect as you could imagine not because everything was great and easy but because I think we all felt it was like, realising potential and all that comes with being the best you can be, being vulnerable, being exposed, being open, being explorers, and being connected. It was a significant season personally and yet within 12 months I was have the toughest and most challenging situations unfold on and off the water.


Giffo said…
I don't think I have seen better sweep oar rowing that that

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