Energy Impact - Research Survey

Hi Everyone,

This is a blanket email and please appreciate I am doing so because I need as many people as possible.

Many of you would have received a pre survey two months ago and as such this is the post for you. For others I would greatly appreciate you doing the survey as we are aiming to have a minimum of 1000 people through the project in the next few months.


What brings a former SAS soldier, an executive coach, performance consultant, scientific research, and an Olympian together?

For those of you who aren't aware I have started up a new venture with four amazing people. This project began as a simple activity in testing a few ideas for some of our clients and friends. It has grow significantly in four months and we have just complete the pilot phase with 12 participant who went through a four week experience involving the concept, a few tools, interventions and this was including the pre & post survey. We are keen as a group to share the information widely as initial responses have indicated it's application for businesses, leaders, athletes, coaches and various other people we have so far shared with. The research will be instrumental in grounding our business and ensure any interactions we have great foundations of evidence to them. Are purpose is to learn, share and obvious build our business. We also want anyone who assists us to gain a benefit which means once all reports are completed we will make it available to anyone who helps and well anyone who finds it of value to use in their own life. All ready I am personally helping 10 people with no strings attached to share knowledge, insight and energy. When I say no strings I mean I expect nothing in return. I do appreciate feedback and certainly any help in getting this project complete is important but mainly I am interested in having a great impact on those around me through my experiences. The Energy Impact Group plans on growing our own research base around human performance and human capacity. These are our early child like steps into a World we hope to make a difference with. From large corporate organisations, to charities, to sporting clubs and all those who help others to learn and develop we are keen assist. 

Here is the link for the survey:

It takes about 15-20mins. We need 1000 people.

For more info on our group you can check us out at: 

Thanks for taking the time to consider this. Also any feedback you wish to provide us would be greatly valued.

Hope you are all well.



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