Human Energy

Human Energy
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There has been much busy-ness and I have enjoyed a sense of being part of things in small groups of late. I am fascinated by the exchanges going on between people and can't help but wonder how I have a greater impact on the World around me.

With each day I feel closer to getting myself back into activities like cycling, running and swimming. Even spending time getting things sorted out medically with the VIS Doctor and Physio's, plus looking forward to getting back to working with some great people to see what is possible with some training.

The fuel from various interactions is amazing and I can say that between family and work I am quiet often feeling like I am fully charged.

Human energy creates a buzz and I love the feeling of taping into people around. Of sharing and tuning in to each other some how makes all the long hours seems almost easy. It reminds me greatly I rowing when everything comes together between athletes, boat, water and the levers. When it's on it feels almost easy.

So this week a guy from France living in the US contacted me about Flow states, tennis and a book he is writing. Exchanges like this give and stimulate such a burst of energy.

My question is simple really. What impact are we having with our energy in daily exchanges?


tom locke said…
Energy can come from without in the extraverted mode or from within in the introverted mode,
tom locke

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