Up Early and out on a limb or what ever that means... Energy Peak and passing it on

 Energy Peak


No sure what I even mean but I figure it's time for a little update.

A few things on the go which I can't completely describe, but let me say I am energised. After posting 'Who wants help?' I have been contacted through the rudderfish email and have been amazed by the responses and humbled by the gestures by those sharing their stories with me. My interest with making this open offering of help relates to a realisation that through this blog I help not on others but myself. It's a healthy activity in connecting and dialoging through this written form. This offer of help though takes things to a new level. It is unconditional and those who have jumped at the chance I hope feel rewarded and love the idea of following through on anything that I can support with. I will go into more detail in time but for now it has been moving to received this interaction with those of you who I am now working with in a small way to make a difference.

On another note I am working closely with a few great people to find away to cut through all the things that waste our time, our energy and our ability to have a greater impact on those around us and the World we are all part of. Ooops that's not to forget our ability to perform. Focusing on the driving thread which can change what we do. It can enhance what we do and who we are. It can change our relationships and our capacity to thrive. Energy is of great interest currently and I am finding clarity around energy as a thread, as fuel, as the buzz and hum of a vibrating string, a bow, tensioned and dynamic. The sound and feeling of an energetic crowd. The feeling of energy with in a significant, harmonious and well practised partnership. One working towards perfection with out the expectation of perfection's illusion. The energy in that idea and concept can be lasting and provides a bridge over pain and strain. It can be bridge that takes you over and past a tree of pain which if feed can grow with such speed. From a small seed a pain tree can grow and the more you focus on the pain the more it grows. Branching out and spreading past and beyond that initial sprout. If only a focus more true was sustained for the energising things in life.  Recall the energy required to plug a leak an un-pluggable flow of energy. A draining, energy zapping and all together energy void in space. A black hole if you will in you which can not be stop with a band aid or patch. The only solution is tapping into a great source of energy to out weight the so called loss. Energy as I said is alive, it appears to be something I wish to do more work on and have found even the concept has come with a charge.

That's it a little update and not a great deal of sense will be made of it I think but as it becomes clearer I will share more.

As for another cycling challenge I will be heading up to Bright this weekend to do the 3 peaks challenge with friends and then next week will have another run at the 12hr Midnight Express. Funny thing is due to family and work I haven't been on the bike since last Thur night/Fri morning.


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