Charging along... Creatively

Over the last week it has been great to start to bring a few things into clearer focus. A new venture, some renewed contacts and refreshing ideas have all give and created fuel. Yesterday I meet up with a friend, Nat Titcume and a friend and now business partner Chris Anstey to hear about what they are working on and passionate about creating. After meeting Natt she went away and decided to set up a blog to capture and share the experience which they are embarking on, TLCmentoring.

What I found will hearing from Nat and Chris was the same passion and willingness to make a difference they I have felt and have seen in others of the years. It took me back to the days of being closely involved in the growth of and how in the early days around 2001 we had an amazing group of people charged with responsibility to bring a vision, a co-created vision to life. During the meeting I offered to assist in any way and probably what came to mind straight away was connecting Nat and Chris with many of the original team from bluearth to hear and learn about first hand experiences of bring a vision or engaging with schools to help students and teachers. 

How do they want to help well they are keen to make a difference through providing a program for students around leadership and resilience. Their personal stories, insights and journeys are wonderful and I got the feeling that right now they are fueling each other to step into this space. To transition from Athletes to mentors. 

On another note I found my self reflecting yesterday about the importance of passion and direction. Over the last month or more I have had a huge shift from really driving my cycling to relaxing on that and putting my energy into other things. In particular trying to have greater impact with my energy. I was finding that the effectiveness of what I was doing in cycling was really taking away from other area's like family and work. The shift then has been to recalibrate and redirect my energy towards things which also provide great passion. The training then has taken a back seat. Hence the reason for the 30 day challenge I was create. It will be about maximising time and so what I am thinking is something like 60min on bike with very specific targets and between 10-20min on rowing machine and then core stability daily for my back. All up I see that I can put in about 2hrs with an hour at each end of the day. The start of the challenge will be about testing in some way and seeing what this type of program can create in 30 days. 

So all up I am loving the feeling I have of charging along with a full head of steam. The look and feel for what the future holds has changed. At this stage I am not writing off anything and certainly keeping my thoughts open to what might unfold. One thing I can say is I get great energy from ideas and generating ideas with others has something magical in it for me. This have been what the last month has been about and now it's is becoming clear that things need to be turned into action. 


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