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Recently I have been asked many times about what I am planning in the future with Cycling and Rowing. Actually it has been interesting to have many casual conversations about the options in front of me. Funny things is I am not seeing options but rather feeling a need to honour my family by focusing on what matters most. Even having propositions about pathways in either sport have done more to confuse the issue and so it became clear that I had to simplify things.

What to put my energy into has become fundamental. I have loved had great it has been bring my wife and kids together in a way to have many great discussions about the future. From a work and life perspective I see some clear things that need attention and as a result with my family we have shifted our focus towards quality of life for the kids.

As for work I have put my head down and loved what has come out of some of the meetings. It has also provided an opportunity to help a few people through the post about 'Who wants help?'. I love the idea of assisting people with no strings attached. Well almost no strings all I have asked is to be able to capture the experience either through research and or the stories that may come from the exchanges. It is all related so I am seeing the connection between all the area's of my life, family, work and sport and the thread which drives or inhibits and this appears to be energy. So the future is about energy. My family is about energy. Work is energy and sport in what every form has to be about energy. The excitement I feel is from clarity of purpose and it's not that I have not had this before but I feel clearer about it than ever before.

Energy is the driving force and being part of things which fuel and inspire is essential. Things have changed I can fully explain but it has surprised me and the contrast to a few months ago is extraordinary. What ever we do needs to energise us. We need to energise others and through this way of engaging we can have a greater, more significant impact on those around us. Performance, our networks, teams, organisations, communities and ultimately the World is not just a utopian view but a vision.

It's like having a perfect race. Perfection is not just a nice picture an illusion. It's an integral way. It's inclusive of the wondrous, marvellous and fantastically real with the shadows, adversity and harshness that comes with an integral way. The future has energy in it but not in a miss placed belief that there will be no down side. The cycling experience to date has reminded me of this. The height of passion and drive was balanced by the frustration of responses to physical drain and obsession. The sheer impact of loosing 16+ kg of 12 months cross a line when it impact family. Training volumes and intensities crossed a similar line when the impact rippled beyond self to disturb work and other relationships.

I share all this because to embark on any journey towards a goal. A future view it can take us to place we never thought we would dare trek and consider taking ourselves. I am shifting about here but I guess what I am trying to show is that I have looked forward from now in the last few weeks and realised that my energy is best accessed and used in relation to certain things and these I am now focusing on going forward.


-Take action with my family to change many things rather than putting off.
-Help(Energise) others via contact through Blog, from the street and through our research project.
-Create connection with a great group of people who are passionate about combining and working together in a way that get's us all energised and energises our clients.
-30 day training challenge(?)
-Cycling Challenge 12hr 24 hr ????


Gavin said…
Hi Drew

Interested to hear about the 30 day training challenge

and creating the group of people collaborating etc.


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