Tunnel Vision

Found the footage from the tunnel testing we did. Finally put it together so share the experience in part. This certainly was a stage in the cycling project which felt purposeful and focused. Not long after this things started taking shape when I started working with Jono and Raoul. This period brought focus and clear vision about the targets going forward and what would be involved to make possible. Not that we really got there and it's not to say I/we won't bring this back to the surface it just interesting to reflect on how focused things were through this period. How focused I was on my cycling. The excitement for being part of something so energising with all the variables was amazing. The contrast to now is markedly different.

Tunnel Vision from drew ginn on Vimeo.

Current update on cycling is that due to having to put more energy into family and work I have been unable and probably lacked energy to train daily in the same way I was. This now doesn't bother as much as it did a month ago. I have been reconsidering the future and although I am yet to make up my mind on the pathway and intensity that I can take and perform at, I feel happy though that I have a few things back on track and in order. Energy is an amazing things and with many things on the go it is a challenge to stay fueled and to not be wasteful. Targeted performance bring focus and with it energy and a sense of expectation. The down side is the impact on other things in life, family, work and other interests.


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