Who wants HELP?

Alright this has been some thing I have been considering and thinking about for some time. The iDEA I have been playing around with is this...

My interest in seeing the benefit, impact and influence I can have when working with a few people. It's an experiment and one I am keen to see how it can play out. Obviously with my background, skills, knowledge and energy I feel I can make a difference. What I want to explore is going right to the source. The engagement, connection and interaction with a small group of people to HELP them improve, change or what every they feel they have to challenge themselves with.


Simple email me at rudderfishconnect@gmail.com and tell me why you need or want my help.

At this stage I am thinking 2 - 3 people will ensure I can have the time and energy with other things going on work wise and family. The process is less clear and will be dependent on the person. It will require fluidity and flexibility.

Again email rudderfishconnect@gmail.com and explain, share, inspire, surprise and connect to enable me to better understand what will be a unique and amazing experience.

Got to say this will be fascinating and all I ask in return is the chance to capture the experience in some way to be able to see the learning's and insights that might assist others.


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