John Maeda on the simple life | Video on

Thought this worth a post. After reading John Maeda's book some time ago I found I loved the way he was showing and viewing the World. Found his presentation on TED which struck a cord, simply because of the statement about that relates to needing or wanting more satisfaction and consumption, and less pain etc.

After a conversation last week with two great people where we discussed the idea of deficit models of development v's optimised/energising models. When I watched Maeda's video this morning it dawned on me that his over arching and rather clear connection related to the conversation last week. I am keen to explore and explain more about this in the coming weeks as we create an initiative which focuses on energising and optimising ourselves and those around us. In the meantime check out the video and I hope it is worthwhile.

John Maeda on the simple life | Video on

Question: What would you do if someone you don't know walked up to you in the street and offered to help you in anyway? What would you do?


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