Moving Forward

Arrive back in Tassie last night. Have come back down here after a week of work to train with a friend, Cam Wurf. A few things have come up with work opportunities which I thought I would take 7 days to get down here and get a few session down with Wurfy to have some fun on the bike. All this before heading back home were I will have a busy month ahead with clients. When it rains it pour as they say. Over the last week I have had my phone ringing hot with requests to lock in dates for presentation and workshops. Much of this had been discussed over a long period put in the last week many things have dropped into place. I have to say the consulting work is very unpredictable but I enjoy how many months of meeting can final turn into confirmed work. As for cycling, well I will have to see how I can manage it with things as time becomes tight.


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