RUDDERFISH - Goal Setting Survey

After many hours running workshop about goal setting I final thought it would be great to check in with a wider and more diverse group about setting goals.

As a bit of background I developed a process many years ago which came out of the interactions with obviously my own sport and the people I was working with. Other athletes, coaches and our team psychologist at the time back in 1999. Later it transformed into a process used with Bluearth to support development of our coaches and teaches. Since those days back in 2002 - 2005 with Bluearth I have become engaged with Melbourne Business School, Mt Eliza and was first contract to run this goal setting process. Over the last few years I have been working to improve it and tweak it to maximise it's benefits. This has prompted my thinking about testing the waters here by creating a survey and seeing if readers of my blog can provide greater insights into goal setting. I am keen to post the findings and certainly see this as an initial step in building a data base of responses and information. Goal setting is a topic I am passionate about and once we take this next step I am interested in sharing the patters or realisation which will come from doing this.

The survey should not take more than 10min.

Click here to take survey

Thanks you in advance it is greatly appreciated.


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