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Thought I would share this. It's a training report from a new device I am using for when I am out on the bike. The Suunto watch is pretty cool. Over the years we have done loads of monitoring, but often in the form of data from a Polar being put into my journal. This is great to have some software to gather and produce info like this.

Since the start of the year I have been working on the bike trying to do between 200 & 500km a week. Nothing specific as the why just the joy of getting out and moving again. The session below was yesterday and it was 80km in the afternoon.

Some of the information relates specifically to the Suunto product and the area's it highlights for measurement.
You can find the explanation's online at

James was given one of these in the lead up to Beijing and felt it worked well. I grabbed one from our bike store, which the boys have given me heaps of flack for. Seems I am getting a reputation as the gadget tester. I do love new little toys and plan to use this over the next 12months to log much of my training.

Why you might ask? Well I like the idea of personal challenges and think that I will get involved in a few bike races during that time. Small step though is what I keep reminding myself. This is just part of what I love about challenging and push myself. Seeing the changes, improvements and moments where I either break through a barrier or hit a wall.

Here's the report from yesterday:


Anonymous said…
Hi! My name's Claudio i'm from Brazil, i have read some time ago your posts about rowing, since your preparation to Beijing and NOW other subjects also. Has been very good!
Looking the grafic, the target to training your VO2 max is 75% at your VO2 max. What percentage of VO2 max is a corresponding percentage of HR max?

Thank's and good cycling training.
A little late, I guess, but my compliment for the gold in Beijing!
Unknown said…
The response comes from Tony Rice our Rowing Team Physiologist...

To answer your VO2 to HR data - for most individuals the relationship varies but it is normal for VO2 to be ~5% lower than HR ie anaerobic threshold occurs at 88-92% of HRmax and 83-87% VO2max. This is because HR tails off significantly as it approaches its max value where are VO2 is pretty linear up to about 98%.

Hope that helps
Anonymous said…
Thank you Ginn and Rice, clear enough.
Unknown said…
Dear Ginn,
i wuold send all my appreciate for yuor work and yuor inspiration that you traspired from the page of this blog. One question, rowing is mix of measure with advice like Sunto,force curve and other...Or simplicity find a great athlete?
Pasquale Marigliano
Dive Watches said…
I love my Suunto I have one of their dive watches and could not live without it.

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