Got word about an interesting discussion from

The is related to a post I wrote about the little social experiment I was doing. And yes there are many flaws in the idea of what I suggested as an experiment, but what surprised me was having this thread of discussion and comment for another site. They are all sport on and yet I am happy to say the test goes on. Also I don't judge our society by this one little example. Have a read below...

Public Comments from forum.

The thing is that the bike test is only small and it has so many things about it that don't add up or can't be assumed. In principle I like to test things and that goes for how I train and prepare. It has been four years since I began, but to be fair I have used a lock three times over that period. I am certainly not saying the we should have a lock-less World, but just challenge the notion of fear and how we become locked into thinking certain things.

Anyway it is nice to see debate that is healthy.


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