Symbolic Gesture

Olympic Medals and in particular Gold medals are such powerful symbols. Recently I was asked to loan my Beijing Gold medal to the National Sports Museum, and I was happy to. With it I included the previous Gold's from Athens and Atlanta. For years now I have enjoyed the medals from a point of view that when I have visited schools, communities and worked with different groups the ability to bring them out and share them has always been amazing. I have seen their effect immediately. The face and eyes of the person holding them in front of me changes and I have experiences the sheer awe people feel when for the first time they hold a gold medal. Olympic Gold is an amazing symbol of achievement. It can turn an adult into a child again and it can capture a child's attention in such a positive way. The medal's go beyond the performance, beyond the athlete who has received it and beyond the dreams of so many. Symbolism is strong in this context and I feel humble to be a representative of a group who has earned the distinction Olympic Champion. The qualities of a champion are things I think I have so long aspired to. The medals mark a moment in time as an athlete, a moment in which one reaches their peak and a peak that is measured by comparing to others in a most visual and public way. We strive for so long for something that so many people in our World regard as a pinnacle in sport and in life. Providing these medals to the National Sports Museum is a small step to enabling more people the chance to experience the symbolism. The article below was sent to me by the curator after James and I were involved in a presentation to the Museum.

Age Article: Back Breaking Mementoes Under Wraps


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well done Bud

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