Instincts: Bare with me here this could be wrong.

As I sit in this lounge, a place of waiting and I wonder why I'm uncomfortable. People moving all around, passing by with lots of sound. I wonder for what they scurry. The way we do. Busy minds and much dysfunction. It's visible not virtual. The slumps and bumps, the awkward ways each one slowly in decay. The nature of our ways has slipped but somewhere deep within there still lies...

Raw an unedited, uncut, unkempt and all together suspended. Held up in time, held out as grim, but what of these deep an earthy ways. Instinctual ways from a past we trade. Harness, stimulate and expand from where to where across a land. A field, a play, a stage of sorts. For we embark on a way to distort. Change, curb or even overt disaster if our instincts are engaged, renewed and enhanced. What if...

This comes from a thought recently on what is it that an athlete or performer uses to be the best they can be. Training is about learning, developing and building capacity. Often it is about skill and gaining knowledge. The need to improve is clear and yet sometimes it is enough to maintain. The advancement can come from expanding into strategies development and application. It can include scenario's and situations and the ability to be have flexibility and be more adaptable. It appears to me it starts as instinct though and the evolution of the performer or athlete is nearing completion when it involves coming back to instinct. Back to instinct with all the learning's and development. Not as baggage but as support, reinforcement and structure. The instinct is like the life, the flame, the original energy. Adding back to the mix or maybe more likely it is realising the first and original stretch, drive or what ever word could best fit's. The cycle that has become slightly clearer to me recently I the sheer joy that comes with a framework for performance, combined with a fabric and completed by the fuel of instinctual drive and I figure you get a seriously outstanding organism. Self organising, generating, aware and fulfilled thing that still has space for new challenges and new ways to do the same thing.

**little note here...this may be harmful to your health. Obsessions may need to be kept in check. Get out there and go like there is no tomorrow. See what you find.


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