Rolling along

Heading down the freeway to Geelong to have a couple of row's in the new Sykes pair. It is an exciting day and yet due to the weather which is miserable it will be interesting* to see how it all unfolds. Today we get to look at and try this new design. We have some information relating to the changes and the possible benefits. Now this is not the only thing that has been on the go. As for on water, well this week coming up we have the Nationals and will at least be in the pair, four and Victorian State eight. So things are rolling along pretty well. What's great is that once we are through this period we get to start the real build up towards to peak. It as if we are on the flat right now and soon it will be time to start the steady climb. Today we will see and feel what the potential of this new boat is like and then we will race in Penrith next week in it. From there we will make some decisions about where to with it. It has been a huge effort by the team at Sykes and we a truly grateful and looking forward to the expected outcomes. It is also good to spend time like this traveling together as we get to share this time and discuss a range of things relating to specific performance thing and general chatter.


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