On Edge

Is it like those final tentative steps towards an inevitable leap of faith? Is it like the moment before a movie begins with the huge screen about to burst into light? Is it that long wait before that first kiss? Is it like arriving at an airport only to be left behind? Is it like eagerly opening a gift in anticipation of something you have wished for? Is it like believing in someone to ensure that the sum is truly great than the parts? Is it the realisation that you can succeed no matter what is thrown at you? Is it a choice or just dumb luck? Is it you or will it be someone else? Is it possible? Is it as simple as be happy and you will win? Is it like appearing from the dark? Is all that’s needed a matter belief? Is it preset? Is it destiny? Is it a simple process of getting from A to B faster than anyone else? Is it about the clock or about competing against others? Is it how can handle the pressure? Is it programmable or instinctual? Is it coachable? Is it a question or an answer? Is it a process or a result? Is it a challenge, threat, issue, opportunity, strength, weakness, or something else? Is it your will that can override any resistances? Is it teamwork? Is it a shift from intangible into tangible? Is it? What is it?


Anonymous said…
A duck?

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