'Make it personal'

"How can it not be personal?", I ask.

Well I need to explain the influences on the question and the statement above. It relates to some experiences I have had with a client. The key people involved in the various sessions and experiences have been great to work with and have left a wonderful impression with me. This statement is one that was made some 12 months ago and it relates to a perspective about the need they require people to have in their business if things are going to improve and be the best they can be.

During a presentation today I spoke about how 'make it personal' related to some of the experiences I have been through and ask the group to consider it for themselves. I felt passionate about the statement because I goes beyond working with this particular client. It goes beyond rowing and it leads me to a place where everything matters. It's a depth that when articulated can mean nothing, but in essence it is everything. Why stuff around with this life? Why was any opportunity? Why spend time complaining about what's not right or what's wrong?

Here is where I will limit my questions, but the list goes on. How can it not be personal? Is a reverse question and one the needs to be repeated. When I row it is personal. The challenge is personal, the fears are personal and the sheer joy I get when it comes together is personal. In my work when presenting, coaching or facilitating I can not help but feel a deep sense of being personally invested. When I consider the life I have with my wife and children it is richly personal. This is why it requires effort and why the joy, sorrow, happiness, frustrations and pleasures leave the most remarkable of impacts. So that is it, life is personal and each step, every inch and all the time is important, valuable and special.

Personal is to be engaged and connected with our interior and exterior. What else is there? We all have chooses and the ultimate choose I think is how we see the world. Our perception may at times seem out of our control, but when we stop or pause for just a moment we can glimpse the reality which is us. It's personal alright and anyone who holds back, side steps and does live with that level of engagement, well they don't get it.

Having passion and believing in something is critical to creating energy and focusing people. The group today was 150 strong and if they all believe and put in the energy the will collectively and individually achieve great things. Turn this around to rowing and I know that when a group of athletes does the same amazing things are possible. In fact assumed limits are smashed and assumptions are cracked. Through all the smashing and cracking we begin to realise the truth about what can be achieved, but only through that realisation about just how personal this life is.

Weather your in a business, on a rowing team or in a family the pureness of interconnectedness is real and should never be taken for granted. It is the reason why we do and the stronger the reason the better the chances are you or I will achieve.


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