Loving iT

In the last few days I have trained in Melbourne at Mercantile Rowing Club and then also boated out of the AIS sprint canoe facility. It can often be strange to move in and out of different facilities in different states. Chris and I have arrived back here on the Gold Coast and slotted straight into the approach of working together to achieve.

To explain the amazing experiences on offer it is interesting that yesterday I trained with a friend on the ergo and we challenged ourselves to do the best we could do. That's something I enjoy, when anyone I get the opportunity to train with does the best they can do it make it all worthwhile and deeply satisfying. The reward in knowing that you’re at full capacity and they are also, you share the experience of being on the edge. Now this was a simple, yet physically challenging ergo session.

The rewards are everywhere and it is only a matter being awake to the richness of experience. Contrast this to our first row today and obviously it is stimulating that we are preparing for the journey ahead, but the feeling of challenging each other and going to the edge together is critical and fundamentally the same.

Drawing the comparison between two training sessions is deliberate. It is essential to why I row, to why I train, compete, why I work with others and why I love doing what I am fortunate to do.


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