Improving with age...

This is something I was pretty buzzed about at the end of last week. Figured I would boost to a few friends via text and then I thought it stupid to be telling people how I did on the ergo test Duncan and I did while he was in town.

Improvements are something I have a belief about, that we can as long as we are willing to learn. A personal best is achievable still and it confirmed in my mind on Friday how good it feels to set a new mark for ones self.

So to do a PB by 3.2 sec for the 2km ergo was a really satisfying thing. Now my score are nothing compared to most but I am proud that since 1996 I have now improved 13 sec and when I used think that I may never get under 6 min it has now become a reality that if given the opportunity to practice I think sub 5 min 50 sec is something I could do.

I mention all this hear because I like the idea of putting it out there and having to deliver. So we will see how we go with it. Remembering ergos don't float, but it's fun pushing the barriers on it.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations, now that you crossed the barrier 6.00, the 5:50 are waiting for you, easy but much easier to say, lol. Good luck, best regards from Portugal.


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