What do you get when you cross a three time world champion and an Olympic Gold medalist?

One of the most interesting encounters since the speculation of UFO's way back when. The Mahe Drysdale versus Rob Waddell contest cannot go with out mention. Obviously in New Zealand it is very big, but what will it mean for the single once the survivor get the node?

Weather your a spectator, athlete or coach it is enthralling stuff and I am sure that many of the top scullers from around the world have their eyes fixed on New Zealand to so the outcome.

Here is a little clip that just came through. To think that you would love to see this type of match on the World stage like a Perrti Kaarppinen and Peter-Michael Kolbe rivalry. Anyway that fact that it is happening domestically means that when the dust settles the man standing will step on to the international stage with a battle hardened stance which will be tough to challenge.


Anonymous said…
what do you make of Drysdale's fear that he and Waddell will be forced to peak too early in order to win selection, and then be left vulnerable when Beijing rolls around?
Unknown said…
I was at this regatta, competing for Sydney Rowing Club, and the race was even more impressive than it looks in the video. It's a pity that the two have to compete for one Olympic spot, it would be amazing to see this battle at Beijing, instead of just a few snippets from Karapiro.

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