Last Stroke: Interview with New Zealand Four

The team at Last Stroke have been busy and when Paulo Lourenço send me this link to the recent interview with the New Zealand four I thought it would be worth posting the link here.

The New Zealand team have done some amazing things over the recent years and I like many respect the performances they are producing on the world stage. It is interesting that when the four achieved the outstanding result in Munich I enjoyed reflecting on the last 10 years or more of New Zealand fours and how this group of athletes has cracked it. Even considering their efforts in 2000 and 2004, it is very impressive that with this current group they have found the magic at the right time. Obvious the Australian and New Zealand rivalries are always a focus of any time crews from both our countries race off against each other, but what I am proud of is the both our countries have the challenge of being so removed from the World Cup and World Championship scene usually and yet we have both realised had to make it work.

The interview with Eric and Carl is insightful. I enjoyed what they achieved in the four because a few years ago when we took an Australian eight across to New Zealand I remember Hamish Bond in the stroke seat as a fresh faced kid who certainly had talent and an already subtle rhythm that I am sure has played a part in the success of this new four. Also I like the no nonsense perspective the guys have taken.

The team at Last Stoke are certainly take opportunities to interview many of the current athletes.

Click here to read the interview: New Zealand Four


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