Ergo Test

Today's National ergo test was, well intense, tiring and part of the process that leads us the our peak. All around the country athletes would have been pushing themselves to their limits to ensure the best opportunity to present the physical and mental capacities.

So how did I go? Ah ok, not quiet a personal best but pretty close. 5min 58.7sec was the score on the display as I sat gasping for air. I know it is nothing impressive compared to some of the great scores from around the world, but for me it is reasonable satisfying to turn out this type of score at this stage of the season.

Whats interesting is that when I made selection into the Oarsome Foursome the ergo score I achieved that year was 6min 06sec and at 85kg it meant that I complimented the guys in the bow seat well. Over the years I have made steady improvements, but it wasn't until 1999 that I cracked 6min and last year doing 5min 56.7sec was the best I had reached.

Over the last month I had practiced on the ergo a bit and wanted to do a slightly different profile to the last few years. Ultimately I feel it is better to get into it early and get ahead of the target and almost hang on, but today I tried starting very steady and worked on being consistent until 700m to the finish.

So there is nothing special about the ergo scores that I do but I am happy with the continual improvement I feel is possible. Before this season is over I look forward to having another crack at a 2km to see if I can get a few more seconds of my PB.

It will be interesting to see where many of the other athletes are at and how many can position themselves well before our trails in Febuary.


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