Making the most of the day...aHead

Just had breakfast and was checking emails when I thought I would write something brief about the day ahead.

It's Sat morning and due t a late night I have enjoyed a sleep in and have had breakfast late and right this instant I am enjoying coffee before I get on the bike.

How do I make the most out of the day?

When it's time to switch on that's what has to be done. When it's time to switch off I will drop almost everything and relax. As a father I certainly will get out with the kids and the play equipment over at the school which usually means I do a few chin ups and climbing activities which is cool fun with the kids. By that stage I won't really feel like doing anything with my legs, but the kids will probably at some point want me to get on the trampoline and have a jump with them. Another cool activity and great for eleastisity and posture. Since we will be away a lot over the year my wife and I have decided we need to clean out our shed. Should make ergo session easier as the rowing machine has little space around it which makes it feel a little cramped when training on it. Then later in the day I will hop on the machine and do a fairly solid session.

That's what can be seen but to make to most of all this is how emmerssed I am in each activity. Being full engaged is important not just for training but also to my family. It is simple make the most of what I am doing at the time and keep my mind from wondering. This is why I thought I would write this now so for to day I won't think about how I may write or share some, all or any of todays experiences.

Not everything seems significant but it is all related and there for how engaged one is make it significant.


Anonymous said…
Drew thaks from the USA for all your work in rowing and on your blog! It is an inspiration to read and always a highlight of my day. Great work with your training and best of luck in Bejing.

S.Vincent said…
Do you ever notice that people take your quality of "immersing yourself" for granted? I find that I work very hard to accomplish a task of getting the most out of my workouts and my coaching, and I sometimes get the feeling that others feel that this comes easy to me. They almost seem to believe that I am genetically engineered to work hard instead of compulsed to. A compulsion is by no means easy or natural, and sometimes I feel as though general society forgets this. Anyway, you're the man and keep up the good work. I can't imagine dealing with all this training, plus a family. Take a power 10 for the bachelors in the USA

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