Good Start 2008

Well what better way to see in the new year than watching the fire works over Melbourne. What topped it off was the first day of training for 2008. An 80km bike ride this morning started a little slow, but with the temperature rising I got myself into gear not waste time out on the road. Yesterday was over 40 degrees here so with todays predictions of similar weather I knew it would be pretty tough going toward the end of the ride. By 10am it was hot and with the second half of the journey being straight back into the head breeze it was energy zapping.

For most of the day after the first session I spent with my family and when the afternoon rolled around so to did a cool change. The temp drop from around 40 to 30 which made it something I was willing to bare to jump on the rowing machine. I did pull it out of the shed and enjoyed the fresh air as it passed over me while doing my second session for 08. The ergo was a 30min and 20min at 20 strokes per minute. What is interesting is we have a National 2000m test in a few days and while I have been doing a bit of ergo work it is not something I have a great handle on how I will go. Today after the hot bike ride I was pretty happy with the output on the machine and more importantly I was focusing on creating a good swinging sensation forward and back. Just trying to be very rhythmical and loose particularly as I could feel my body heat rising. Figured it will be like it in Beijing so may as well get used to it.

Today was a good day and a good start to the year. Personally I feel like I have had a few ups and downs recently, but today certainly felt like I was getting back in to the groove and that some of the work over the last weeks has begun to show out in various activities.


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