Recent images capturing what was presented to clients

These are some of the things captured on butcher paper and white broads during a recent development program I was involved in. I am sharing this as its something I love doing and am fortunate to be part of. My role as a facilitator and presenter over the last 10 years or more has helped me better and better athlete and certainly helped me connect with many great people.

This was used to help participants by using the concept of a universal map for any situation. Obviously at the heart of the concept is the person using the map. Without specific contextual information this was about provide participants with a sense of accountability and ownership of the situation they are in. What I asked the group to do was to consider various situations they are in or have been in or will be in and to then consider how this map can guide their thinking or direction of their energy and application.

This was what I captured on the white board and the discussion was about taking steps and delivering actions based on understanding the current situation and the imagining of a future goal. I was able to share with the group about finding filtering questions for self and others to help cut through the stuff ahead or in the way now. I shared a story about the GB rowing eight in 2000 which involved a simple question of will it make the boat go faster. I provided other examples like is this what I need to be putting my energy into and who will need to be involved to ensure the next step is the best one to create more options or further progress. Finally we added the need for some criteria to the filtering process. Things like now, in the future and whats the cost or consequence of doing and not doing something.

This was what I finally shared on the butcher paper and I will be back with the same group in Oct and because I was challenging them to reflect, capture, share and engage in this process and it was important for me to show this is the same way I am working as an athlete. Basically I put down some points about what important to me now and in the future. It relates to my life and although quiet superficial and water down I did expand on many of the points and shared a lot more about the specifics.


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