End of first week in Melb: testing, benchmarking & learning

End of another week and we finished off with some reasonable work down at Carrum water sport centre. This was a testing week after our first block of training. Between lab testing, 6k ergo at 95%, doing a time trial and checking one of our benchmarks it was productive.

Yesterday at Carrum was good to be back on a course again to check a few things. As a crew I think we carry pretty good easy speed. Some real positives have come out of the way we are working and as a team we are learning to communicate openly and honestly about things we need, things we are feeling and things that may be concerns.

We were reminded that what we are fortunate to be doing is something others enjoy supporting and following. The local club was excited to see us down there. It's amazing the difference when we are viewed as the new Australia crew. As athletes three of us have spent plenty of time down at Carrum but yesterday the excitement towards us was a noticeable change. It was a great reminder because we are now preparing to compete for our Country on behalf of a wider community and it's something we are proud of and will use to support us.

Being back home has a few other advantages. Being back here has allowed us to use the new VIS training centre. For me being home is great to but can be a little distracting as normal life has certain demands. I have had some work on this week with clients and in particular with Melbourne Business Schools, Mt Eliza Executive Education. Doing some work has been great to refresh some of my thinking about things we are going through as a new team.

The kids have been great and seem to be aware of the build up Daddy is going through. They want my attention and energy but seem understanding when I am tired. It's the little things that make me appreciate how special it is to be doing what I am doing and having my family share in the experience. Even this morning with my daughter playing with making stop motion animations and helping her is such cool fun. Then my son doing his reading and the questions he has been asking makes me feel great as a Dad. Later we will head out and hang out at the park. Having a day off is so important and I guess refreshing in so many ways.

PBs this week:

*Best lab test with all indicators showing great signs of improvement as an aging athlete. Fastest time trial in the four in last two session and probably ever. Best 95% 6km ergo test. Received one of my best evaluations for work with clients 6.8 out of 7. Have been told I am still a cool Dad (This is a huge win and one I will milk for all is worth.)


Char said…
Really great sets of PBs - especially the 'best Daddy' one.

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