Missing the World Cup wonderland.. Still home training

Enjoying the start of another new training day in Melbourne on the Yarra River.

So it's all coming around again fast. World Cup 1 is nearly here and yet we will be back home here training and preparing for the 2nd and 3rd World Cups and beyond.

It will be great to get back to International competition but in the meantime we will do what we can to stay focused and bedding down our rhythm to help us be competitive when we final get overseas.

While back home it will be great to tune into World Rowing to watch the races as they happen. As for how things might unfold I can tell you I am excited to see who comes out to play and the what the early season form is like. Back home here we will be doing our own mini event as an Australian Team to get us inline with what happening over there. Sure it's not the same but still worth having a hit out to test ourselves.

Personally I am really enjoying what we are doing as a crew here in Melbourne and what's developing into an open and honest team culture. After being away on camp and then coming to Melbourne we have worked well to keep challenging ourselves and what we have said we are about. There is still such a long way to go in one sense but from experience i know the time will fly and we have to anticipate, challenge and embrace the experience and each other.

World Cup 1 will provide us a glimpse of the competition and yet we are not involved so won't know where we sit. We have measured all we do and I feel good about where we are at but until we race those in our event we just won't know for sure. So for now we wait, prepare and I guess watch from a distance. In the meantime I will keep enjoy the glorious morning here in Melbourne. Ok some days aren't so great but I still love getting out there and mixing with our crew.


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