Up, Down, Round and Round.

This will be short. Came home Fri from a short camp in Canberra to paddle the four and pair. All went well and was pretty tired at the end and enjoyed having the Sat off. Went for a ride yesterday mid morning in the hot weather here in Melb and when I cam back I noticed some spots on my arm and chest. Seeing doctor in half and hour to find out if I have chickenpox.

So last week involved some travel and a little frustration, but mainly some quality training. Now though I am playing a waiting game to find out what I can and can't do if I have the virus. This is really frustrating as this week is out National ergo testing week and it's not the ideal way to start the week. If I can do the tests then it means I miss out on putting some scores on the board. Not a big deal in the long run considering I have heaps of data and results of late on the machine. Would be nice to be able to do a good 6km though. The score week before last on fan setting 10 was encouraging so was keen to see how I would go on sliders.

For now I wait and if all clear could be 6km this afternoon otherwise the week could be a write off. Hopefully will have some video's and data from recent session to share here. Let me say though I am enjoying being back in the game. Racing starts up soon so I figure that's when it really starts anyway. It has been a long road thus far and plenty of kms to go.


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