Have been giving this some thought over many months. Bernice McCarthy, founder of 4MAT I think has a great process to enable learner and those involved in learning to maximise the experience.

Having recently come from rowing camp I found myself reminded about the need for a process for those coaches and athletes to utilise as a guide for how they possible make greater gains in improvement or change. I believe this model can be used in relation to athletes and coaches.

Here's the site http://www.aboutlearning.com/ to check out if interested. Personally I have always felt the need to have a greater understanding of why we would do something in training.

Years ago Noel Donaldson now head coach of Rowing Australia said to me after asking why so many times that I was to only get one question a day. It gave me greater focus if I recall as I streamed through as much info as I could find on rowing and then would ask him why? This model has the why aspect to learning and indicated we all learn differently. I have always been questioning of how and why we do the things we do as athletes. Frustrating for many I know but it has been my learning preference to need understanding before I embrace and believe in something. It needs to make sense to me and I need to see or feel real value in something to become passionate. We are all different and I was reminded of this on camp and as such feel models like this can really make a difference to ensure a broader experience is provided and learning be it in sport, work or life is maximised.

Check it out for your self and see if this cool little model can help you in what you do.


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