Hangin in there...

This comes as news hot off the press as they. In Canberra last two days to get some time in four and pair. Today I am pretty tired. Some solid work in last two sessions has me feel sore, fatigued and restless. Even questioning a little about how my body but more importantly back will hold up. It's feeling like I am on the edge so conscious of being sensible over next day and the weeks ahead. Good news is it feels like I am rowing ok and physically handling the work quiet well. Pretty keen to go to the racing set for the National squad which will have us all racing in a couple of weeks at NSW state champs. It will be the first real competitive test. Honestly I find my self think long term then have a reality check thinking just keep taking each step. Since camp we have done some time trialling and obviously personally much of my training has been away from others. Due to family and kids holidays it's ergo's and bike session so it has an impact jumping in the boat and getting back up to speed. I look forward to more time with other athletes once school holidays end. On another note my hands are sore again. Keep telling myself they will toughen up soon, but the blisters keep appearing. Anyway all pretty well but plenty of work ahead and improvements that need to be made. Lots of water to go under the bridge and I suspect the flow of events, sessions, conditioning and attention to details will start to increase in speed. This is simple the start. Loving being back involved though.


Murray Hill said…
Hi Drew,

I work in the medical area and I recently spent 8 days on a rowing camp where numerous people had serious issues with blisters. We had great success with solugel for healing blisters. Have you tried it?
All the best, hope this helps!

Unknown said…
Hi Murray

I ended up using paw paw ointment and was happily surprised. After reading your comment I asked someone and they reported that solugel is great.

Thanks for the tip. My hope is I am passed the worst of it now.

All the best


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