National Camp prep for National TT in Cycling

Last week I was involved in my first National rowing experience since Beijing. The National camp in Canberra went pretty well. Had 5 days there and my back held up well which was the first priority. Second was to perform well and I think I did ok. Third was to get the chance to engage with athletes and coaches in a way which I hope will enable all of us to be better in future at challenging and supporting each other. More on the camp in the next updates.

After the camp I arrived back to Melb and had a ride on the TT bike before Tue which was the National Time Trial event in Ballarat. Here is the link to the data from my Garmin computer.

My goal was to at least do 430w for the TT. From lab testing my Threshold was predicted to be 445w I think. So to do 438w was satisfying. Would have been really happy with 450 for the day though. From a speed perspective to average 46.5km/h was reasonable too I guess. Only issue with all this was to have the top guys putting 2mins margin into me. Actually shouldn't have been surprised as they are very slippery, but as a competitive person I would like to be faster. Wouldn't we all I hear people say. All was good except the big gap and how Matthews rode away from me. It's all about speed and so between my drag or weight which was 85kg I have a few things which count against going faster. No excuses though just reality of cycling. Enjoyed doing it to compare to last year and I plan on doing again if I can.

How much fun was that? Popped into my head as soon as I finished. My answer...Heaps.

Head down and bum up as they say. Cycling news photo's here

Little old me down the page. Ooops that should be big old me. Can't tell you how small these guys are... I ain't big in rowing but on a bike I am large. Funny to fold my self over the frame.

I spent the last few week preparing while doing my rowing training. Pretty much I was doing 20-40 session on the wattbike and 20-30min session on the rowing machine most days. Nothing really longer a part from 3 rides on the road while down the farm. They were just over 2hrs so all up less volume but very specific intensities. Even while on camp I was doing wattbike session every second afternoon, but again no more than 30-40min.

So final results I was 8th in 49.15min.The first 10-20min I was feeling really good and felt like I was going pretty well. Michael Matthews was 1min behind and had pulled back 10sec then 20sec then 40sec and finally as we were getting the the climb on the course he jumped past me as we came through an intersection. I maintain speed with him for a bit then he rode away. He and the top guys like Bobridge and Meyer are obvious talents and it's great fun just having a ride in an event with them. That's not to say I would prefer to be closer, faster and more competitive it is that I am realistic.

Why would I when I am rowing? Because I can. It is a great compliment and benchmark for my training to go an compete like this. To do it after camp and the recent build up gave me focus.

What's needed? I would have to do 470w plus to be near the front. And to be competitive internationally would require 500w.

How does it help? Physically and mentally I feel it is preparing me to be the best athlete I can be in London. Concentration and effort is improving. I believe I am still some way off my best in rowing and feel to get there cycling will be a key element in doing so.

What's the plan? Make the National Team in rowing this year and be in the men's four. Combine my cycling to build capacity and to exceed the training and competition standards I have in mind. If it fits I will do the TT again next year and would plan to do 470w and see how that compares. Combine this with rowing and I would like to think I can get to below 5min 50sec on the rowing machine (stationary).

That's it for now but I will have more on the rowing camp soon.


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