World Cup #1

Well after the weekend sitting back watching some of the result of the first world cup I must say I am looking forward to getting into some racing. Obviously some of the report about the GB team have shown that they are performing well. I often get the feeling when there is such dominance early in a season that it will be tough to maintain, but the athletes are now very season performers and so I am sure they will keep charging forward. What does it mean for athlete not there? Well it inspires us, and I can honestly say that with some of the tight racing it certainly stirs the competitive juices.

From a pairs perspective it was great to see the Skelin brothers back and up the front of the field I am sure they will improve. With the GB and Germain crews all showing good form, it is something that really creates that sense of excitement, even when I am around the other side of the world.

What was really impressive was the men's double with under 2sec separating the field. Being able to watch some of the races vis the internet is great and it does keep us in touch with what is happening. I am looking forward to seeing the progress of the World Cups and certainly know we are looking forward to joining the racing when we head over.


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