Skills Focus & Connection

A quick update since Duncan has been in Melbourne for our last camp here. This phase has been particularly beneficial due to the skills focus we have maintained. The intensity of focus has been amazing with much exploration and exaggeration. I think I have been a bit painful, but probably needed to be to sort out my own movement and to challenge Duncan. Chris's has been energetic which has been great and he and Duncan have had some extra time to be able to spend understanding how we want to row.

Duncan has been unbelievably patient and willing to try many of the hair brain ideas that I have thrown into the mix. Our skills focus has revolved around matching up and timing the turns. This period we have let go of being overly physical and worked more on the effectiveness of match up and flow. Some great gains have been made and with some rate step work today I feel we are very much beginning the build up towards racing.

Skills focus is about hold our attention to creating the optimal movement. It's in the detail and subtlety that most likely is felt by us but would be almost undetectable from outside the boat. The relationship between Duncan, Chris and I is developing and it feels like we are beginning to break through our assumptions and we are starting to forge new ground as a team. Once we get overseas we will be in an accelerated experience that will enable us to optimise our connection and focuses.


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