Team Effort

Over the last month it has been enjoyable to see the rise of support from many people both in Queensland and Victoria for what Duncan and I are aim to do.

Our target is to create the perfect race and in doing so we believe we will perform. Obviously Gold is a clear aim, but we are intent on creating our ideal. It won't be easy as many of our competitors will have improved and we are no longer an unknown quantity.

With all this in mind it has become critical for us to engage not only with each other as our core team, but to ensure our families and friends remain part of the process. This has gone a few steps further of late with many people assisting, challenging and supporting us in our quest for the perfect row.

This support I refer to really does bring in to sharp focus the need to work together not only in sport but in our communities, families and businesses. I have loved and am grateful to all those who have helped us as with out them doing what we love to do would not be possible.

This is developing into a huge team effort that I am proud to say I am part of. The fact is we are the ones who have to row the boat, it's a given, but with out so many on our side the idea of rowing all the kilometers, the hours on the bike, the fatigue, the blistered hands, the aches and pains, and the uncertainty of competition, well it would not be achievable or enjoyable.


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