Flat Out

Well I have to say that I am not sure I could be any busier. Obviously in saying that I have probably placed a self imposed limit on things, but after reflecting on life lately I can seem to see how I am going to keep up. Juggling all the balls that relate to life seems to be a constant.Things have accelerated and increased which is great, but I do find myself thinking how the heck do I stay on top of things.

In short I feel like I am going flat out. To put this into a rowing context today after a workshop Duncan and I did this build in the boat and it felt a little out of control. Today that was flat out, tomorrow it may be average. Yesterday when at 34-36 strokes per minute in a 1 min piece I found that thought again. This is flat out. So then if 5 years ago I thought life was busy but when I compare it to today it pales in comparison then it makes me wonder what's next. Just like every time we begin to prepare for racing each peak that we reach feels like the limit. Ah but it is nothing more that the sensation of feeling full of being at the end. When in reality it is the end that marks a new beginning. The fullness that indicates an emptiness. This is a bit cryptic...

Anyway recent news article while Duncan, Chris and I were in Geelong training. Must be slipping with how I row the bow seat should be blade early, but blade late is a crime.

Life is busy, it great and I am so looking forward to getting into the battles overseas.


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