Thanks in advance, or is that for everything so far?

Here we are and the time is coming close to when we are required to stand up to be counted. Here we are entering the course on our first day.

It's times like these in the final days before we start racing I feel it's important to say thanks to all for your support. No matter the final outcome I feel lucky to be part of something like the Games and what comes from so many people who help, support, send well wishes and enable us to be the best we can be.

Specifically I have to say my family has made a huge effort to support me in all this and with their obvious concerns about my health with my back it's been a huge stretch at times. The balance between excitement and worry has been obvious but hopefully all has been done to allow my wife, kids and the rest of my family to feel sure all will be ok. No matter the result my wife and kids are the most amazing people I know.

There are many more people and a few keys ones like Chris O'Brien my coach of 10 years who has been a great companion through the the last three Olympic champagnes. The team at the ViS (Victorian Institute of Sport) back in Melbourne have played a significant role in what we have done this year obviously but over many year. Anne-Marie Harrison, CEO and Marty Aitken, High-performance Manager have been critical support of me personally and of our sport back home.

Rowing Australia has put so many things in place for all the athletes on our team, but more importantly engaged with older athletes like myself to enable us to be here and performing at our best through many initiatives and simple approach of respect and willingness to work with us.

The support is humbling and appreciate and the short list of people above is only the tip of the ice berg. As an athlete we are shaped by so many people through our lives. I mean as people it amazing the influence others have but add a focus and the purpose of sport and those working with us are too brought in line with this common goal of improving performance.

We are now set and we have been loaded into a position where the only thing is to enjoy the final phase of what we go through before we race. I have loved this experience and really enjoyed working with many amazing people and it's cool to feel the support of some many as I said. Soon we will race but thanks should not come because of a result or particular place it comes as a reward for the experience I am fortunate to have had.

Proud to be representing Australia and to wear the green and gold here in London.

Finally here we have been involved in settling into the London games and the Australian Olympic Team induction brings it all home. The support by the AOC is fantastic and all that goes into enabling us to represent Australia and all that comes with being and becoming an Olympian. Nick Green as Chef de Mission lead the induction yesterday with Laurie Lawrence and support staff. 


Anonymous said…
And thanks go to you Drew for inspiring a nation! Have a cracker of a time at the games!
Jem said…
Is this the last we will hear from DG before the games?
Nitro said…
You go for it boyfriend :-D
Anonymous said…
Thanks to you from all up & down the river. Good Luck
Rini said…
Savor every moment and enjoy the accolades I'm sure will come your / the crews way. I have thouroughly enjoyed reading your posts and hope there are more to come! Will be cheering for you loud and proud, especially given my husband is a Pom! All the best, Rini :-)
Anonymous said…
Keep an eye on Dorney's changeable winds
Unknown said…
Best of luck Drew and the rest of your crew and the rowing squad as a whole. It is amazing to read your blog and see the effort and commitment of you all. I am an Aussie working in Bristol at the moment so will be cheering for you REAL LOUD.
Anonymous said…
Drew, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog over the last months and following your progress. I can't wait to watch your crew and all of the rowing on TV back here in Sydney.

Thankyou for all of your time through the blog & of course absorbing the pain you & crew have been through on ergs, bikes, weights etc to this point.

Hope you find the rythym you require & have spoken of during the lead up.

Anonymous said…
Thanks for all your posts! Can't wait for racing to start. Have an amazing time and best of luck!!
Mike said…
Hey Drew,
All the "Master Surf Boat Rowers of Australia" will be right there beside you on the oar....good luck
Mike Tamblyn

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