Night before the heat: Ready to go

The time is finally drawing close to when we get to race. Tomorrow we have our heats and for two days we have been watching some racing looking forward to getting out there.

Will in the stands for first day of racing
This morning we had a crew meet about the racing ahead and Chris our coach show the footage of the men's pair where the Kiwi's broke the World Best Time by 6sec. We discussed some obvious things we saw in how they raced their heat. I have to say they did a great job of showing the World of rowing how to make a boat fast. It was great to see the guys do it and I am looking forward to seeing them finish off there 4 year champaign over this week.

Watching some racing with the boys
Our day today has been pretty relaxed and as we went down to the course the do our pre-race row the stormy weather had come and gone a few times during the day. We got on the water and hadn't gone past 750m when officials told us we needed to row back as course was being closed. We naturally shook our heads and returned to the pontoons. Just as we got the boat back the sun came out again. Its was as if someone was playing a joke on us. So we headed off to our team tent to relax before doing some ergo before heading out again once the course re-opened.

Will & Chappo watching on
The course was quiet and after a couple of days hearing the crowds it was cool to be out there with the only the wind and a few crews.

Team tent resting up
We don't know what will happen in the racing ahead but I am happy we have done all we could to be prepared to race well. We are simply focused on what we have to do and how we have been practicing to row. After tomorrow we will know more about how we have come out of our training block and how this compares to others.

Watching the starts of the double scull heats
What I have been feeling at times is the slight nervousness which only really happens when I find my mind wandering around trying to reconcile what is ahead of us. The being drawn forward in time involves so many variables which we can not control or even comprehend yet. Its this type of thinking which gets my heart jumping slightly and so much of what I have been doing is noticing this and then settling by bringing myself back to here and now.

Its a waiting game that we have to contend with most and reminders this week about making every chance, every session, every stroke, each day count. All has built up to this for us and tomorrow the reality of where we are at will become more clear.

Thanks to everyone for all the support and well wishes.


Anonymous said…
Good luck boys!
pa said…
Good luck Drew!!! We are watching keenly from Aus and I wish you as much success as is possible. Can't wait to watch you race, we are all very excited to see what will undoubtedly be a great performance from stroke one of the heat to the last of the final.
HC said…
cant express how much excitement was going through me as i watched what unfolded to be an epic race. you did australia and yourselves proud and cant wait to see what you can bring forward
Beck said…
Good luck drew! Your blog has inspired me for as long as you have been writing it. This year I used it to inspire my young girls surf boat crew on many occasions. Especially when things weren't so great. We acheived beyond our wildest dreams this year and I hope you and the boys perform to the expectations you have set yourself. Regardless of a win. What you have done is nothing short of inspiring! Row smart and row hard! Beck and the Coogee slsc surf boat crew.
Gavin said…
Great row today guys, was a pleasure watching you!
Kate C said…
So excited for you all, an inspirational heat cheered on from afar by the whole Campbell-Young clan. Thanks for the updates on how the crew is doing. Our best wishes go out to you all.

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