Getting into the Olympic Spirit

Getting into the spirit
We walked from the security check point a few days ago down the course and stop to get this shot at the 1000m mark. Since arriving we have settled in well and getting into the Olympic spirit.

To be part of the games is an amazing thing. I am enjoying being involved with the four with year with our mix of youth and mature. Did I say mature, ooops. More on that in a moment. To have some first timers in our boat is cool. The wide eyes are great to see and it reminds me of years ago. Sure I have been to a few of these events before but still I am loving being here and seeing the whole thing come together.

Watching as the regatta centre builds with more and more athletes arriving. The energy is building each day and I am sure once the stands fill up and spectators get involved. I am looking forward to the building of energy as the days unfold. To be an Olympian is a wonderfully inclusive experience. We are all part of the same movement. Its a network of people who have strived to be the best they can at a time when the World turns its attention to what we do. We are all different and yet our common aim to reach the Olympic peak aligns us all. We are here to be tested and measure. We are here to give our best and to hopefully go home satisfied with the outcomes. We have all been through so much to get here and for a two week period it all comes into sharp focus and go from the dream imaginings to the reality of action required and desired.

Back to the young and mature bit. In the press conference at the start of the week I was asked about what its like as a mature athlete. I thought final the recognition I deserve. To be called or referred to as mature. I could here my father, all my old teachers, my coaches and many friends gasp. Really has he become mature. Surely not would be the response. So this crew I am in has youth and mature and I have to break the news. I think the young guys are probably more mature than I. So we do have a good mix but maybe not as people would expect.

So then the Olympic spirit has worked its magic on each of us. We are different people, have different ages and largely different experiences. Under the Olympic flag we come together like all the Olympic athletes. We come together to be as one. No longer youthful or mature, just one. Our aim like many others is to simply be the best we can be and enjoy being part of what will be an amazing Olympic games.


Char said…
I'd like to say how much I'm enjoying the Games already even just one day into it. Staying up way too late and waking up at ridiculous o'clock. We're all supporting you in spirit from afar.

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