Reflecting: A bare foot moment with the kids


Back a couple of months ago while down at my families farm. The kids and I went running in the rain together bare foot.

We just got out amongst it and even though Jasper, my son initially wanted to wear his gumboots. It wasn't long as we ran through the mud and he could hear the excitement his sister, Kyra's voice and my laughter that he ditched the rubber for the all natural feel.

I was just looking through my photos when these shots reminded me of this most innocent and joyful experience.

For months before I had been enjoying getting back to the great feeling of being barefoot and walking or running. What I noticed was an improvement in my posture and certain areas like the right side of my right ankle stopped being sore after a run. My left knee felt better also which has been the main reason I had started avoiding running a few years back. My lower back felt strangely better too. The thing was when I jogged around with the dog at nights it was on the street of St Kilda. Most of the time I stayed in the concrete and as such found myself enjoying being light on my balls of my feet with just a little heal touch during the motion. I found my glute's activated better and they felt sore even after just 10min of jogging. When I say sore I mean tender like they had come back to life and because this was a new-ish thing since my back surgery I noticed the difference and it felt goooood.

So any way the photo above was just after the kids and I got back some 40min of running around laughing and playing together. Last part we found a great section of mud so with much slugging around and mud up to our shines we returned. Wet, happy, laughing and simply free to feel from the ground up.


MM said…
Drew - You might be interested to read the story of another barefoot runner, the daughter of veteran Canadian National Team coxswain, who is running across the USA barefoot. As of this moment she has logged over 1600 km. Here's her web site: or Google "rae runs america".
Char said…
Another barefoot runner in the making. It's becoming a real movement. There's a lady who runs the Gold Coast marathon barefoot every year. And then there's all the minimalist shoes that allow you to run barefoot - almost. Another blogger that I follow, Staci from South Africa just finished running Comrades (89.? k) wearing huarachies which are home-made sandals.

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