Ready for Munich

During this last period of training I certainly have felt tired. Post Lucerne it took me some time to feel normal again after the racing. It was seemed like 1 1/2 weeks before my recovery was back to where I expect. During this time body weight dropped and sleep was something I craved. Our comparative work with other crews took almost the full three weeks to feel like we were matching expected margins and doing so with out the cost.

We have done a pretty heavy block of training and much of it has been really good. I was surprised Lucerne's racing took such a toll but thinking back I guess it was blood tough physically. We have been intent on working boat speed in a way that is about flow and immediate outcomes like the speed sensation over the water, space under the blade and patience to let the boat work for us around the back, and the coordination of the front turn. I mean we can feel and see the difference of all these things and with all the data for the gps and biomech we are getting heaps of feedback that makes senses of our subjective feelings.

The work we have done with crews like the quad and light weight four has exposed some positives and negatives. Great to be able to do this within our team as it enables us to practice, try, explore and review things.

We have moved from Italy to Germany just for a short time for the final World Cup.

To be up front I am not sure what to expect. It's been many many years since I have been involved in two World Cups in a season and the fluctuations of form can be a challenge both for us and those we race. I am sure our competitors will be trying things as all of us will be out there looking to understand how to get the best performances out of our boats. I think we are a crew that's pretty straight up and honest in racing. Lucerne showed that and I think the same will happen here. We will be trying to go as fast as we can. Post racing again we will sit down and go over everything and assess where we can make gains.

As for the feeling amongst our Australian Team I think over all we will see plenty of improvements. Being based in Italy has allowed us to settle in and train well with out the long haul travel from Australia. I also think since Lucerne many crews have pushed on as expected once they got a gauge on where they were at in respective events.

Another things has happened for me though and that's my family arriving a few days ago. It was amazing to see my wife and kids again and to be able to hang out for real rather than via Skype.

Lastly I have had a pretty good run with my body, touch wood. Between the work back in Melbourne with Physio, Andrew Fooks and the team over here I am happy to say I am holding together well. Sure some days I am tighter than others but when your training at this level that's expected.

Looking forward to racing and then the final phase of this journey starts.


Anonymous said…
Good luck for Munich, the rest of the season and especially the Olympics! I look forward to watching throughout the build-up to the Olympics.
Andrew Fooks said…
Hey Drew,

Thanks for the update on the crews progress, I'm glad to hear the your fine body is holding up well! Keep training hard and I'll be keeping an eye on you and the guys for Munich.

Not too long to go now!
Chris Hammon said…
Keep it together!

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