Wash Up of Trials: Many races & Some fast times

A delayed post...

It was four days, two hits a day until the last day when we were let off the hook. What did we achieve I can happily say the Australian team or prospects of the team are travelling well. We are not with out any issues but as performances stand many athletes posted some great times. 

We went into trials with a simple focus of take each challenge as it came and to ensure the first hit outs were at a standard that would establish our position and ensure some decisions could be made post event.

Obviously we knew a few things like starting in the pairs and this would include a 5km time trial and 2k race on the same day. We knew fours trailing would come after this and that the first four combinations would be picked based on the pairs in some way. So the target was simple win both pairs to ensure in with a great chance in the fours.

Josh and I did this and then put our heads down to race each four as well as we could. The challenge would be to make sure we stayed consistent and to be able to keep the high standard up. We did falter on two occasions in the four but not by much and we could see clearly why we didn't nail the performances. Add to this we have a great competitive group and athletes who are motivated to race hard and to bounce back from any poor performances. 

What was encouraging was some of the fast times. It would have to be some of the quickest times posted in Australia in the pairs and fours. Thats the good news and not that there is bad news but we are in December and the trials will take some time to bounce back from. We have Christmas and then Camp in January so by then all should be full back up to speed. 

As fr the boat I have been targeting well things are not further progressed in one sense but the coaches and selectors do have plenty of new data. I guess I feel well placed to make the four but until the day when we are told who is in the four and selected I guess I suspect there are always chances for change. This makes it hard in one sense as I am focused on the four and making it the best boat we can but the selection process also requires me to stay flexible and to prepare in part for anything. Personally I know I am better once targeted and yet I do believe I am improving even in this situation. Maybe thats the difference. I feel like I am improving but possible not getting the chance to make a four better is a concern.

Now I have not given a lot away here and thats not deliberate just much of what has just happened at trials is not really for me to share. What I will finally share here though and feel comfortable to do so is how I currently feel. 

I feel tired and flat. Drained in many ways but still very excited about the road ahead. In some ways I feel more certain with the uncertainty and there is part of me which is or has become quiet clear about what will be need to achieve success in London in the four. Yep I am still focused on the four and until something changes I will continue to do my work around formulating the best approach to the boat. That's not to say I have not questioned myself, the target boat, the athletes I am training with and those leading our sport. My excitement for where we are at and the future ahead is good and the frustration and angst I have experienced is all part of working towards a great performance. The standards and expectations need to be extremely high. My tolerance for anything less had reduced and will continue to drop as time passes. We only get one shot at this and I am to aware of how things can change, be derailed or simply not meet the needs or expectations required.

What I am even more excited about is Christmas with my family. What a great time of the year and to think I have a few days now to relax with them and to just be a Dad and Husband. 

Lastly I say thank to the many readers over this last year as many time I have wondered about keeping this blog going and I love to do it but at times I think about the benefits. So thanks for the support out there for this and what we are working towards.

I hope you all have a great Christmas, a merry new years eve and then a fantastic 2012.

Ho Ho Ho


Carol said…
Drew, enjoy your few days off with the family! You have been an inspiration to a lot of people and I for one am happy that you have continued to keep this blog going. Merry Christmas and best of luck for an amazing year ahead!
RoCoach said…
Over the years I have found your blog to be both inspirational and educational. I hope you keep it up for many more years!
Gavin said…
Yes thanks Drew,

Please keep posting it is great to get an insight into what you are going through.

Mmm it will be interesting to see how the boats end up shaking out.

forestaus said…
Thanks for keeping this blog going. As a parent of a couple of kids in the U23 squad it is great to be able to see what is required to get to their goals.
Stuart M said…
Though I sometimes think you've read one too many motivational books, you have to finish the story! I first heard you speak after Atlanta, when you spoke with the enthusiasm and excitement of the "new boy". Now it’s your turn to pass it on. The last time I responded to one of your posts was 25 February 2008, when I described the excitement a young rower just out of school had being in a boat with you. Though he doesn’t have your ability of talking under wet cement, he expressed the same thrill you conveyed of the first time you trialled with James & co. That young rower was Josh. Doesn’t the world move in strange ways! Best wishes to you, your family and the Australian team for 2012.
Jon said…
Almost every morning I look on your blog and have a read if something is up. The fact that your a top level athlete but so down to earth is what makes your blog so interesting and enjoyable to read. Been reading since your buildup to Beijing with Duncan and just wanted to say thanks.

P.S. Not sure if you'll read this, but is it possible to one day measure your resting heart rate when you wake up and post it?
Anonymous said…
Hope that Xmas was great and time away with the family was a relaxing time.

Looking forward to following the posts in the new year.


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