Can't be sure but I think I found a new way to breath today

Thats it a new human capacity has been discovered. Thats right I mad the discovery during my 6km ergo at the new VIS facility. Many new things and this time I am pretty sure I have found breathing out of every hole in my body enabled me to hang on until the end of this 6k test. Yep normally its mouth and a bit of nose action but not today. I went and found that ears and eyes can add extra O2 when required. Plus and this is the big one I am sure I was breathing through my ass. That's right with some 2km to go I am certain air was coming in through all these available passages. Even think I may have been getting so O2 through the pores in my skin.

Now I can see how this could be seen as an exaggeration but no s%$t I am convinced I found air from everywhere. Could have been a transcendental moment to where from some parallel universe I was sucking in some O2 through a bit of a mind warping experience. Surly the blotches appearing in my vision must have been coming from air from some where else. So I figure another universe must be the most plausible explanation or at least during the final 1000m it seemed pretty real. My mouth and nose even as big as they are just didn't seem to be doing the job so I am sure I was getting air by other means.

Now for what all this means. We did our 6km test and have a 2k on Wed. For now I will share the score and the above rambling of thought for how I got through the last 2500m.

My score was 18 min 25 sec and yes this is on sliders. I rated no lower than 34 and did 1.30.1 split for the first 500m. Actually went through 2000m in 6.03 so yep I put it out there and did blow up a little or at least suffered a lot from the last 3k. The worse split was my second last 500m with a 1.34.7 and it was about then I am sure these out of body, super sublime, sensory overload experiences played out in the fullest.

Add to all this I was lucky to be sitting next to Josh and as he passed through half way he was charging along and began to eat in to the gap between us. He finished with 18.17 which was great and then only 20min later our VIS training partners James Marburg (Marby) and Cameron McKenzie McHarg (Maxie) did their 6k. Maxie went one better with a great 18.14min and he and Marby were barrelling home in low 1.20's which was very cool to see.

So that's it for now I guess my score is a PB but I had not really done a flat out 6k before on so previously on sliders I was 18.54. Previous best on stationary was 18.57 and I suspect this ergo would have had me just under 18.50 on stationary. Who say's you can get better when your old?

For this time of the year this is all encouraging and certainly sets us up well for next week in Sydney for trails. I figure if this is to be my last season possible then I want to feel I find new limits and definitely I am very keen on doing the best ever with my physical, mental and emotional preparations. I get the sense now that the wild idea of going sub 18min for the 6k is achievable. That would be something I would like to do before this season ends.

As for what all this means for the 2k I will have to see how it goes later this week. I would like to think some time this season sub 5.40 on sliders is achievable. Always said if I was coming back to the sport I want to be better than ever and these are simple measures which I like feeling I am chipping away at. The key then is translating the improved output into changes in boat speed.

I joke about the zone I got myself into today and how I found new ways to get the air in. I guess I prefer to put myself in that state and see what happens. The learning is huge and finding ways to maintain work rate while gasping for air is surreal and yet tangibly felt. The scores don't lie and the way to the end can be confusing as there are many forks in the road. Each choice and each moment has significance. Can't say I got it all right but for a good majority of it I was placing myself on the best path and a path that required a truck load of air. Next time I will do the same start but know I will be better prepared to keep driving along at those 1.30-31's. Or should that be 1.29's?

Anyway I love to be optimistic and now I now I can breath through my rear end and can also do the reverse. That is talk out my ass. So it is then, some hurt, some pain, some joy and some crap. Its all part of the process of preforming.


adg said…
Jheeze drew, huge scores man. In your opinion what were the best sessions to let you get to those big scores on long ergos? Was wondering if you'd give a blog about how you made the step up from like club athlete to big time pro
Scotty said…
you have talking out your ass down to an art form.

Sensational effort though.

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