From within the boat: Listen to Little Webby's LM8+ race call

Recently I was sent a link from the cox of this years Australian light weight eight. David Webster, not Andrew but some times Steve mailed out a request for feedback. After an hour or so yesterday listening to his race call which is as you will see here over-laid on the footage from this years race which he was coxing.

Well I listened and then listened again. I watched and listened and listened with my eyes closed. I replayed sections and made notes. He had asked for feedback and I felt compelled to make an effort to be as thorough as possible. Why? I guess I like helping where I can. Not being part of the race or his crew I really wanted to imagine being in the boat and how his race call would have influenced or impacted me.

After all this I asked him to make this video with his race call public on you tube as I feel its great to be able to feel and listen like you are in the boat with them. Huge learning to be taken away and loads of insight into coxing and certainly the intensity of racing. So here it is and I hope you can enjoy as much as I did. Well done Webby, and the crew on a great race.

It's not often cox's, athletes or coaches are willing to share something like this. It's the reality of a performance and highlights the great things but can also expose people. We get to hear, see and feel how the person really performs under race conditions.

From my perspective I know this young cox is keen to learn and I believe its this kind of willingness will enable him to have a great career in the sport and positive impact on the crews he is in. Through this I think it can help other young cox's also as its a rare glimpse from within the boat.

Now for how he practices steering and getting in the zone when out of the boat. The new VIS has everything to enable scholarship holders to prepare. Only thing missing is a crash hat and life vest and he would then be a model example of safety, performance and humour.


Giffo said…
Absoltely fascinating - and thrilling
AJ said…
That was awesome, thanks to you and Webster for putting together and posting! Curious what happened to the last 10 strokes? Also wondering what your feedback was?
Andrew Hall said…
I really enjoyed that race especially the footage of the Italians having a sneaky peek with about 300 to go, watch out Toby this bloke is after your job
Father O'Leary said…
This was great stuff until the last 10-15 strokes - what happened to the audio? Did the cox say a heap of non repeatable stuff? Just that I felt robbed - it was beautiful to watch and hear I was almost about to scream Go OZZIE Oi Oi Oi - now thats big coming from a kiwi then wham...... nothing.... awwwwww
Coxmate said…
Thanks to you and the cox for sharing this. I administer the Coxswains Resources Page for and we'd love to feature this. Could you ask the cox to get in touch with us?

Rebecca Caroe

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