Honesty, openness and respect

This comes as I am starting the process of working through all the things needed to start a season well.

1. Start training

2. Take time to reflect on past season or experience

3. Start and initiate the dialogues with key people

4. Question and challenge assumptions

5. Engage with those to improve performances

6. Create routine

7. Identify new standards

8. Formulate plan for success

9. Keep training

10. Review plan and training

11. Streamline where possible

Here we are 11 months out from Games. Yes that's right it's a game. One we take seriously, but still we should maintain a sense of humor as the ups and downs are difficult enough with out make ping them harder.

Going forward I am only keen on working with genuine people. People with integrity. People who I respect and who respect me. Honest is critical and openness essential to build trust. One things for sure is I didn't start back in this sport to be dealing politics. If I wanted to be in politics I would stand from parliament. Sport though has politics also and unfortunately opinions, egos and expectations are in the mix to complicate matters. I like rowing as once you are out in the boat all that matters is the team, the boat and the event.

All I guess I need is honesty and respect. Communication becomes important and feeling valued in the process matters. We are trained to make decisions under pressure, to perform when it counts and yet when things are less inclusive I start to become suspicious. Read into all this what you will.

My goal going forward is to be part of a great team. To have an amazing experience and to create a near perfect performance. The outcome of all this I believe will enable a great result which includes a Gold medal.

From my teammates to my coach, to the support staff like doctors I just need them to be honest, up front and to be about creating the performance. Even as I sat with the VIS doctor today to have my 250 000km service I enjoyed to open and honest approach being taken. My coach and I have the same relationship.

All this comes into even sharper focus as I then had a client briefing meeting with a law firm here in Melbourne. Most of our conversation revolved around relationships and honest, openness and respect for self and others. During this meeting it became clear that these things matter to these people and they matter to me. I hope they matter equally to those I am involved with. I certainly know in the past it has been these things with people like James Tomkins and Duncan Free that have enabled us to perform successfully.

Technical skills, physiology, training programs, training standards and equipment all matters nothing if the relationship within the team don't have trust. None of it matters if trust in oneself is low. Trust in teammates, trust in coaches, trust in people around you. I share all this as right now I am getting ready for the journey ahead and all has to be active in creating the performance or else they should be brushed aside. Trimmed away as they say. Performance will be about being streamlined not bloated with past baggage. Inflated opinions and wasted and ill-informed agendas.

Streamlining starts now and I am personally changing things already to be better than ever before. Exciting times but also challenging.

Honesty, openness and respect works in a boat, a team and in business.

Questions are...

How do you rate self? How do you rate your relationships? How is the team or culture you are in rate? How would others rate you?


Giffo said…
Great post - I would love to know what prompted this!!

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