Australian light weight mens Four, We salute you

What do you say when you see something special? "You bloody beauty"

Before today I was aware our light weight four was traveling very well. After yesterday's semi my feeling was they would be a great chance. For weeks now when they raced us or train with us the way the rowed and took it too our four was fantastic.

At the start of the week they look a bit tentative. By today they looked like masters in their domain. I love watching when athletes and crews have that sort of belief and command of their rowing. It's inspiring. Back in Australia right now their will be many light weight rows rejoicing.

It's been a long time coming and since the fours were included in the Olympic program we have had competitive crews. These guys have been through it all. One in particular Anthony Edwards is older than I am yet last night we spoke about their final today and he was like young kid. Full of excitement and well directed at that.

The other guys, Sam Belts, Ben Cureton and Todd Skipworth are all great athletes and certainly all paid their dues. Last year when they came second it came out of the blue a little. It should not have been surprising though. Today how ever you could see very early on the composure, the precision and the commitment. Nothing frantic and yet you can bet they were giving it plenty in the water.

All I could think while watching was, now that's rowing. That's the art of rowing right there. Moving the boat sweetly every stroke and with great ease, or at least a look of ease.

Just had a chat with Nick Green and old team mate of mine and he remarked how great they looked and that its the way they rowed way back in the early days of the Oarsome Foursome. The light weights have with out doubt shown us something special today. And like a few previous fours light weight and heavy the style of rowing is attractive, appealing and effective.

I am sure the guys will enjoy celebrating tonight and during it all will start to turn their attention to the future. With their coach Brett Crow they will celebrate and they plan the next 12 months and I can imagine their focus will sharpen even further as they move forward. This is a great step boys and you all deserve the reward for all the years of work, effort, sweet, pain, frustration and joy.

Australian Light Weight men's four we salute you... You are leading the way.

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Rob Walker said…
International fan right here. Congrats to all of you from Pittsburgh.

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