The wonders of the World Cup

Figure if I can't row I may as well watch some. The plan was to fly to Canberra today to do a camp. I am not frustrated or pissed off yet but rather just waiting. Have scans at 3pm so will find out then if I have re-fractured my rib. Between now and then there is no point worrying about what that means.

So then I watched...

Things I enjoyed watching on the World Rowing video just this morning.

Eskild Ebbessen you are a legend.

One of the most dynamic athletes in the World
The LM4- is a great event and has been since it was included in the Games in 1996. Not to say before that it wasn't great it's just since then I can't help but think having one sweep event for light weights makes it such a hot contest. Eskild is a star and the way he rows is so dynamic and athletic. I recall seeing him in the early Danish four way back in 1995. Obviously on the back on 1994 as World Champions the set a new standard. Now after so many amazing crews with so many different athletes he is back again. At 39 and moving with such intensity, spring like and yet he looks calm. I love what he does and even though I can't say I have every really spent much time with him from all reports he is a great person.

Another I enjoyed was seeing Tom James back in rowing and again I don't know Tom, but loved watching his rowing in 2006 when he was in the pair with Colin Smith as the GB pair. They were a sharp combination and with Tom now in the 3 seat of the GB four he looks like his is moving very well. Again he has an athletic movement which is spring like and elastic.

Another amazing performance for me was Ekaterina Karsten that capacity to over haul everyone in the last 500m. 

Add to this Marcel Hacker for the fact that since 1997 I have known him and more so in 2000 when his coach Andreas was not given access to the Olympic boat area. Anyway to now see Marcel really making some changes the most obvious is his use of body swing and length of stroke. Marcel I think has polarised people over the year with his approach, but you can't deny him this change in movement and composure is wonderful to see.

Obviously haven't watch all races but was great to see closing racing and some athletes returning and making changes. It's an exciting time now going into the next World Cups. 


Joao Franca said…
Great Post! About Eskild Ebbessen: He's not just a great athlete. He's a great human being! Just a short story about him: I meet him back in 2001, as a spectator at the 2001 lucern world champs, where i had a small talk with him. Later in 2007, i had a change to row and talk with him while he was on a training camp in Avis,Portugal. But the amazing thing is that this year, while again in Avis for a training camp, he came to me (i'm just a portuguese national rower) and he remembered perfectly those two situations i've talked about! His comment was: "Oh, you're still rowing!? That's great!" (Btw, i'm just 31, he's 39!). In a sense, he's a legend, but he doesn't act as one...maybe because of that!
Good luck for your recovery!
Greatings from Portugal
Anonymous said…
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