Mt Eliza Week

A nice challenge to have I say. Training and working down Mt Eliza last week. The balance between pushing and preparing, combined with co-facilitating a 5 day residential program for Melbourne Business School.

Managed to get out on my bike each day and this you tube video was my ride down to Mt Eliza on the Tue morning.

While there I did ergo/rowing machine sessions as I took down the machine with me. This was a challenge as usually it was late at night around 8.30pm and even though I was not doing very long sessions just finding the mental energy after each long day with participants was a test.


Anonymous said…
You looked absolutely knackered in your most recent blog. That said, it is compelling viewing, you continue to be a great inspiration to those who are trying to balance work, family and exercise/competition (albeit not at your level!) Please keep it coming..

I'm not an Aussie but am looking forward to watching you perform & succeeding in Lucerne.


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