Switchboard Learning & Remembering

Interesting article which I was sent this morning and thought was quiet appropriate for something I have been considering.

After the last week I have to say that much learning has been taking place and yet a great deal of time I have sensed the competition this article points to around remembering, reflecting and previous experiences. This competition has it's positives and negatives. The mind and brain are amazing things and being able to remember or recall an aspect of performance that supports the current situation can really assist, but it can also inhibit. For every memory we acquire comes a host of assumptions we make in the process. I mention all this because durng yesterdays road race I experienced and witnessed what I would call free flowing performance and suppressive staged habits.

Check out the article and I will follow up with a post about the experience of being in the National Road Race.

Switchboard In The Brain Helps Us Learn And Remember At The Same Time


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